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The Connecting R.O.D.S. Newsletter, is sponsored by the Ramblin' Oldies of Denham Springs, Inc. to promote street rodding, and the construction and preservation of pre 1949 street rods.  Articles do not reflect the opinions of the R.O.D.S. members or its officers.  Classified ads are free of charge:  R.O.D.S., P.O. Box #61, Denham Springs, La. 70727 or call (club secretary) Bobby Spann at (225)275-9868/E-mail: Bobbyspann@AOL.com               



- R.O.D.S. Run Date Change –

   Reminder – the 2015 R.O.D.S. Run will be at the Holiday Inn South in Baton Rouge February 27 – March 1st, 2015.  We hope that date works for you!  For room info call (225)924-7021 and ask for our special discount.  The (free) swap meet will be back again for 2015, and we will have club members watching your ‘treasures’ so you don’t have to sit there all day – unless you want to.  For vendor spaces call Happy (225)938-3589.

   Was watching “Car Crazy” on cable the other day and they were at an indoor car show in Finland – which has been going on for 37 years.  They made a big deal out of it… well the RODS Run is going on thirty seven years as well!  It IS a big deal!



- NEWS –

   We want to welcome John Prockner to the RODS club!  He and his wife Linda have a 1938 Ford coupe, a 1930 Model A sedan and a ’40 Ford coupe project car.  That puts the Ramblin’ Oldies membership up around 44, and parking at our monthly club meetings has become a premium!

   Tom Morgan and Harry Jenkins sold their ‘39 Fords, and both after they appeared on a RODS Run t-shirt?!  I hope this doesn’t become a trend; I remember when Bruce sold his blue ’37 convertible to Randy Wilson after it was the “cover car” for our rod run in St. Francisville.  Bruce took me for a ride in it one time at the Pensacola Rod Run with the top down and THAT was fun!

   With the potential influx of 1950’s cars from Cuba, you have to wonder if the prices for them at the TV auctions will be sky high, or if the value of ‘50’s cars in the States will plummet due to the sudden increased supply…

   Bob Haley just bought a ‘California’ built ’34 Chevy sedan.  It’s bright blue with yellow scallops and man is it fine!  Corvette mill, Billet Specialties wheels, arh arh arh!

   Sad news – our weekly breakfast hangout, Ricks Burgers in Baton Rouge has closed down!  Ironically it will now become another used car lot.  Right now we are meeting at Me Pa’s Diner in Central while going over our options.  We all want to thank Rick, the Berry’s and Ms. Lydia for some great food and great service for so many years. 




   Remember:  The way to attend any car show is to: 1) register your car, 2) get there early, and 3) stay till the end!  The more you put into street rodding, the more you get out of it.  Talk to the people at car shows, and thank the host club for putting it on.  You wouldn’t believe how much work goes into putting on a car show until you do it yourself!  Everyone participates at their own level, but don’t even get me started on the “Trailering to the Coast” phenomenon.




   Would you go to a gun range where no one around you had ever taken a lesson on how to fire a gun?  One where kids, old women and (no offense) ‘foreigners’ in the next shooting lane are not paying any attention to what they are doing?  Or even texting with one hand while shooting a gun in the other?

   Well every time you get in your car and drive in traffic you are taking a similar risk!  Drive defensively – you can’t assume any of those other people are skilled at what they are doing!  And buckle up!  




   Having problems with a slipping fan belt?  Instead of tightening it too much and ruining an alternator or AC bearing, Tom Morgan says to try Dayco Polygrip or Goodyear Gatorback belts.  You will be amazed at the results!

   Even if you can’t weld, you can still put patch panels on your rod.  The trick process now is to run a bead on the new repair and use automotive body panel adhesive on it!  No heating or warping, and it’s permanent!

   At the nationals and Cruisin’ the Coast the vendor areas are HUGE!  And most of us collect a bunch of business cards as we walk around.  Well rather than just rubber band them together, get some clear 3-ring binder pages specifically for business cards – available at your local office supply.  Each page holds 10 cards, and you can see both front and back so you can jot down what product you are interested in on the back… 

   Does your street rod “crab?”  Get someone to follow you, or better yet let a friend drive your car and follow behind to make sure it tracks straight.  Someone new to the car might discover a problem that has been creeping up on you – too slow to catch.




   Bill Adams was telling me one time about the Model A roadster he had back when he was single.  He was out late one night and got stopped by a cop, who turned out to be a guy he went to high school with.  Now Bill said this car was a real ‘Junker’ and I don’t think he even had a license plate or title for it. 

   The policeman looked close and pointed out that there were holes in the floor, it had no front brakes, no seat belts, no hood or fenders, a sketchy muffler at best, bald tires, etc.  Bill said the policeman shook his head and said, “Man, you better be careful in that thing!”  Then he got back in his cruiser took off!  Those were the days, eh?! 

  I’ve been stopped by cops 3 times in my hot rods – each time it was because of my Blue Dot taillights!  I took them off after a cop pointed out that a lot of folks don’t stop when they see red.   So having blue tail lights is really living on the edge!

   Speaking of lights; make sure your headlights are aimed properly, even if you don’t drive your car at night!  Never know when there might be an emergency.  And for heaven’s sake make sure your headlight ‘flutes’ are horizontal!  I’ve seen pro built cars with tilted headlights, which are easy to spot because they don’t rotate the actual lens.  Little things count.



January 23: Southern Who Car Show, Covington La.

March 20: Calcasieu Street Rod Run, Sulphur, La. 

February 27-March 1: 37th Annual R.O.D.S.Run Streetrod Show, Baton Rouge Louisiana!

March 14: Spring Street Festival Classic Car Show, Downtown New Roads, La. (225) 638-5360

March 15: LSU Spring Garden / Car Show & Chili Cookoff.  John M. Parker Ag Center, Baton Rouge

March 20-22: 37th Annual Dixie Rod Run, Pearl MS.  Pre-49 street rods only.  BBQ, vendors, flame throwing contest, Ladies Tea…

April 10-12: Indy Grand Prix of Louisiana in New Orleans.  GPofNOLA.com

April 24-26: Pensacola Rod-Tiques 43rd Annual run on Pensacola Beach in Fla! Pre-75  (850) 255-0627

April 18: BR Corvette Club; St. Jude Open Car Show, Plaquemine, La.


   Every Saturday Morning: Me Pa’s Diner in Central, Sullivan at Greenwell Springs Rd. 7:00am till about 9:00am.  Good food and free coffee!


Cruise Nights  March – November:

   Second Saturday night:  Golden Oldies Cruise Night – Hammond Square Mall in… Hammond!

   Third Saturday night:  Gerry Lane Enterprises Super Cruise Night – Cabala’s in Gonzales.  The Homer and Olga Show! $3 entry.

   Classic Chevy Club Cruise Night:

Every Fourth SUNDAY - at the Sonic on Coursey Blvd. 4:00-7:00




-.060 OVER-

   The AAA just came out and warned owners of pre-2012 vehicles NOT to use the new E-15 Ethanol Gas, as it will damage your engines. In fact, half a dozen new car manufacturers including Ford and Mercedes have stated that using E-15 in one of their new cars will void the warranty!!!  E-10 ethanol gas is bad enough for street rods running older engines. 

   RODS member John Prockner suggests using Lucas Safeguard fuel treatment.  Says on the label it counteracts the corrosive effects of the Ethanol & stabilizes the fuel.  I’ve been using Seafoam when I have to use the E-10. 

   But you have to wonder how these additives affect the octane rating of the gas.  Gasoline to be blended with 10% Ethanol is 2 octane points lower than the finished product.  So it figures that base gasoline in the E-15 blend would start out even lower… 

   We start off every club meeting with an update on how our family and friends are doing.  Well I’m sorry to report that local street rodder Frank Wells’ house burned to the ground early New Year’s Day.  Lost everything including his 1942 Chevy and ’32 Ford pickups.  Please keep him and others with health problems in your prayers.

   Here’s hoping you and yours have a very good 2015 – from all the RODS members!  



Cruise Safe!

















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